Greenhope Receives Sky Blue Sea Awards at Bali Ocean Days 2024

Monday, 22 January 2024

Jimbaran, Bali, January 20, 2024 - In an inspiring atmosphere at the Bali Ocean Days - Conference & Showcase held at the Intercontinental Bali Resort, Greenhope stole the show with the Sky Blue Sea Awards. The award is a symbol of recognition for the company's continuous and innovative efforts in developing environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic solution technologies.

Bali Ocean Days, initiated by Sky Blue Sea Foundation together with the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment and AIS Forum, brought together stakeholders from various sectors to discuss key issues related to ocean conservation and blue economy development. The event served as an important meeting point for stakeholders to exchange ideas and share innovative solutions. 

Greenhope, a company that has long been committed to sustainable development through eco-friendly innovation, was honored for its significant contribution to the development of environmentally friendly plastic alternatives and the implementation of sustainable packaging as one of the solutions to reduce plastic waste pollution leaking into the ocean. Greenhope's products, which have proven to be effective in reducing environmental impact, were a highlight of the event. 
"We are very proud and honored to receive the Sky Blue Sea Awards. This is not only recognition for the work we have done, but also encouragement to continue innovating and contributing to environmental conservation," said Tommy Tjiptadjaja in his speech. 
The two-day conference featured sessions that covered a range of important topics, from Indonesia's blue economy governance, to waste management, to reducing ocean plastic pollution.  
Yoke Darmawan, Chair of the Bali Ocean Days Organizing Committee, added, "This event aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving marine ecosystems, particularly in the Indonesian archipelago. This theme underscores Bali's commitment to become a global leader in marine conservation." 

Through this activity, it is expected to raise awareness and collective action on marine and environmental issues. With discussions, workshops, and exhibitions, Bali Ocean Days is an important meeting place for various stakeholders in achieving common goals: reducing marine pollution, habitat degradation, and supporting the conservation of coral and marine life diversity. 
Greenhope actively participated in various sessions of the event by introducing its latest technologies and initiatives that support marine ecosystems and reduce negative environmental impacts. 
Greenhope's achievements in developing sustainable solutions received attention from many conference attendees, including prominent speakers and other exhibitors. They also received appreciation from government officials and representatives of international institutions in attendance. 

"We believe that every step, no matter how small, is important on the road to sustainability. This award is a reminder to us that what we do has a big impact," said Tommy Tjiptadjaja. 
Bali Ocean Days is not only a platform for Greenhope to showcase its achievements, but also a venue to collaborate with various other stakeholders in a joint effort to address environmental challenges, especially in the context of marine ecosystems. 
As part of the Eco Showcase, Greenhope showcased its products and innovations and provided opportunities for visitors to understand more about the technologies Greenhope has developed and their potential usefulness in everyday life and industry. 
By receiving the Sky Blue Sea Awards, Greenhope has not only raised its profile as a sustainable company, but also solidified its commitment to continue to be a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly solutions. The award is expected to raise awareness and encourage more collaboration and innovation in the global effort to protect and preserve the oceans.