Ecoplas is bio-based and degradable plastic made out of certified fair trade cassava, driving positive combined environmental and social impact.  Ecoplas has received numerous acknowledgment and awards domestically and internationally as one of the most competitive bio-based materials towards next generation / sustainable green plastic. 


  • Bio-based plastic made of cassava (Certified German Din-Certco Bio-Based ASTM 6866).
  • Actively and functionally biodegrades.
  • No special machineries required.
  • Fair for Life Certification by IMO Switzerland ( Swiss-based organization certifying that our raw material is obtained through farmers’ cooperatives at a premium price above the market price so that the use of Ecoplas directly improves the welfare of Indonesian cassava farmers.
  • Has been widely used to make shopping bags, landfill cover, garbage bags, packaging (e.g. tissue packaging), Ecowraps, and many others.
  • Has Ecolabel Indonesian Standard (SNI Ekolabel) and Type 2 Ecolabel.

While traditional plastic take 500 years to degrade, ECOPLAS® is the greener alternative.  Ecoplas products already in the market include shopping bags, Eco-wraps, tissue packaging, soil cover for sanitary landfill and hangers, with several more applications under development.  If you partner with us in using Ecoplas, you are actively impacting Indonesia’s cassava farmers.


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