Welcome to the Renewable, Less-Carbon Future Today with Ecoplas, Our Starch-based Biodegradable Bioplastic. It Naturally Biodegrades in Landfill and Soil Within 7 Month to 1 Year. *
*Source: Greenhope’s internal study.

Sustainable Process of Ecoplas

Ecoplas Advantages
No special machinery required
Socio ecological positive impact
Waterproof and durable
Food grade and non toxic
High functionality
Very competitive price
100% Indonesian technology
Patented in US, Singapore and Indonesia
Certified by German Din-Certco Biobased ASTM 6866
Proven to emit 30% less greenhouse gases
Use 45% less energy
Biodegrade in Landfill and Soil
Fair for Life

Selected Ecoplas Listings & Grades

Comparative Study of Ecoplas Biodegradation Process in Living Lab

The soil where Ecoplas waste biodegraded exhibits increased plant growth rates compared to the one where conventional plastic were thrown into.

Conventional plastic
With Ecoplas

Applications Best Suited For Ecoplas and Many More